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Water Damage Santa Clarita

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Property damage can occur no matter the time of day or year for residents in Santa Clarita. Homeowners and property owners can rest assured knowing that 911 Restoration of Santa Clarita is available 24/7, 365 days a year for water damage restoration services.

Our team knows how crucial it is to respond to water damage in a timely manner, which is why they can be expected to arrive within 45 minutes of your call. Water damage can extend beyond causing damage to the property. It can also cause emotional turmoil for property owners, which is why our team of highly trained technicians main goal is to make sure you are okay. After ensuring the safety of all those on the property, our team will provide a thorough evaluation of the property for water damage and other damage done to the property.

Our team is IICRC certified allowing them to provide property owners with the highest quality of water damage restoration services in the area. No matter the hour, call the team at 911 Restoration to take care of your water damage and help get you back to a fresh new start!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage occurs unexpectedly and figuring out the cause isn’t always easy, which is why you should call the team of highly trained technicians at 911 Restoration. Our team can take care of a range of water damage issues such as:

  •      Damage from storms
  •      Water damage to wood structures
  •      Ceiling repair from water damage
  •      Carpet damage
  •      Property flooding
  •      Sewage cleanup
  •      Mold removal caused by water damage
  •      Water extraction
  •      Bathroom flooding
  •      Basement flooding
  •      Burst pipe
  •      Carpet drying
  •      Crawl space cleanup
  •      Smoke removal

If not attended to quickly, water damage can lead to other problems like mold, which would require mold remediation. Our team will provide quick water damage restoration services by using advanced equipment that can repair any water damage emergency property owners may be experiencing.

The team at 911 Restoration is ready to provide your property with water restoration services that will ensure peace of mind and a fresh start. Give us a call for your water damage restoration needs today!

Mold Removal

hazmat-suit-911-restoration-water-damage-vanAs if water damage alone isn’t enough of an issue, the longer the water sits without proper restoration, the more likely you are to experience mold. Mold spores thrive on moisture, so when they are exposed to water they can quickly grow into colonies. In fact, mold can begin forming in less than 24 hours of exposure to moisture, but the signs of mold can take up to two weeks to be visible.

One sign of mold damage is that it produces a strong, musty odor. If you suspect that your property has a mold problem, call the mold removal experts at 911 Restoration immediately. Our highly trained technicians will provide a thorough mold inspection of the property. If mold is detected, our team has the proper training, equipment and expertise to provide mold removal services in an eco-friendly way.

Call the team at 911 Restoration for your mold removal needs. You can rest assured knowing your property is mold free and water leaks have been fixed preventing the need for future mold removal.

Fire Restoration

Fire damage can be devastating to your home or business. Once the fire has been put out, you likely will be left with a lot of fire damage, smoke damage, and fire restoration needs. Getting your home back in shape will take a lot of work, but this is where our team of fire restoration experts comes in!

Our team can help with fire restoration and help get your home back to a fresh start. Whether you need the water extracted that was used to extinguish the fire, vacuums to remove ash or soot or help getting rid of the foul odor left behind, 911 Restoration is the team to call for emergency fire restoration services!

The fire restoration job doesn’t stop once the area is cleared. Our team of fire damage restoration experts will refurbish affected areas that include furniture, cabinets, the floor and walls. Fire damage is hard enough, our team is here to help you get through the fire restoration process with as much ease as possible.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage RemovalSewage spills should be considered an emergency because the water could contain viruses, bacteria or other microbes that could cause serious illnesses. If your property is in need of sewage cleanup, call the sewage cleanup team in Santa Clarita at 911 Restoration.

Our team is highly trained to handle sewage restoration and help ensure the safety of those who could potentially be

exposed to its dangers. We will arrive to the property within 45 minutes covered in hazmat gear for safety purposes during the cleanup process. The team will use advanced water extraction equipment that makes sure the sewage spill is removed and will also repair any damage caused on your property.

Don’t let sewage spills or sewage backup put your property or health in danger. Call our team of sewage restoration experts to take care of your sewage cleanup needs.

Disaster Restoration

When disaster strikes your home or property, call 911 Restoration’s team of disaster restoration experts. We understand the devastation a natural or man-made disaster can cause, which is why our disaster restoration team is ready to take care of all of your restoration needs.

Disasters like fires or storms occur with little to no warning. In this event, you’ll need to hire a company that you can trust to provide you all of your disaster restoration needs. Our team of emergency restoration experts will respond quickly to your call and be on the scene within 45 minutes.

Should a disaster like a fire or storm cause damage to your home or property in Santa Clarita, our team will help make the necessary repairs that will help get your property back to feeling new.

Commercial Restoration                

When it comes to commercial properties, first impression is everything. Your property’s appearance plays a large role when it comes to potential clients. If your commercial property is in need of commercial restoration, call 911 Restoration.

Our team is available no matter the time of day to help with a range of commercial restoration services that include:

  •      Commercial water damage restoration
  •      Commercial fire damage restoration
  •      Commercial mold removal
  •      Commercial disaster restoration
  •      Emergency restoration services

When it comes to your commercial property’s restoration, you should hire a team you can trust to get the job done right. We are ready to give your property the fresh start you are looking for.

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